The Company was incorporated in March of 2005 under the By-Laws and State Charter of Nevada. The Companies current Executive Mailing Office is Located on Tropicana and Eastern in Las Vegas. Shortly after the company opened in 2005, they started a subsidiary Kelly Green Music an ASCAP Publishing Company. We own the rights to ©1999. 


In 2005 Malus Records launched a company website and designed their first online music store and networking community, The Indie Conspiracy - Online Music Store, which then changed names to The Conspiracy Club, and now simply Club Malus, A LifeStyle Society!™


Malus was formed with the desire and determination to discover and develop recording artists and then market and promote their music across a wide array of formats and platforms.


Malus Records chose Las Vegas as "undiscovered territory," teeming with unsigned indie artists, as well as writers and musicians just waiting to be discovered.


To this end, Malus Records is in the process of developing a Music Entertainment Portal designed to assist independent artists, writers, and musicians in achieving long-term creative and financial success.


This Portal is comprised of artist management (, an online music store and merchandising (, fansite/club and professional marketing program (, and digital distribution services (


Also in the development stages is an online music magazine (, a platform to produce and sell videos (www., and concert and tour promotions (


Malus Records can and will provide the indie artist, writer, and musician with the type of full service one would expect from a major label; Bringing music & entertainment from Hollywood to Las Vegas. With the successful launch of ( Malus Host - Ent Sports & agency branding ™ in developing their 360 - Marketing MGMT and merch firm, every aspect of Brand Ambassadorship from registering domain names, providing industry innovative web hosting service, offering trademark search analysis and monitoring, including registration of trademarks.


In 2021 we are redesigning our platform in order to be innovative in the Entertainment industry through every aspect of management and consulting services.