Further recommending simple strategies to keep on track, recommends beginning with a gradual reduction of calories and boosting water intake.


To be sure, in order to modify one's lifestyle and achieve one's goals, one must be disciplined, track progress, stick to commitments, eat nutritious foods, and adjust goals as needed.


Experts also believe that living a busy life - such as working at a desk or studying for difficult examinations - necessitates fighting stress eating and cravings.


"You may counteract unhealthy cravings by including a variety of healthful snacks or fruits in your diet. Snacks can be readily prepared at home by adding healthful grains and no sugar. Snacks such as energy bars, whole grain cookies, banana chips, mixed nuts, and fruits such as berries, apples, and oranges are all healthy ways to satisfy your appetite "they propose


Aside from that, eating on time and with proper nourishment might also help to reduce cravings.


It is critical to recognize that stress eating might result in weight gain. As a result, moving your body in some way releases endorphins that promote healthy eating rather than overeating.