Posing is an art form, and if there's one thing that Instagram influencers and models have in common, it's that they all have it down.


Knowing which angles are the most photogenic helps women look their best for social media. While many of these women who grace social media are simply genetically blessed or skilled with the photo-editing apps, knowing which angles are the most photogenic also helps. There is a particular pose known as "Barbie feet" that has quickly become popular on social media.



The movement, which can be performed by pointing one's feet or standing on the tips of one's toes, was given its name by Who What Wear UK because of the resemblance it has to the feet of a Barbie doll. As a result of the fact that this position gives the illusion of having longer legs, it has become particularly common practice when one is dressed in a swimsuit.


If you take a moment to look through the Instagram accounts of some of your favorite celebrities, you'll find that many of their photos feature barefoot babes with legs that go on forever standing as though they are wearing an invisible pair of high heels. Not only celebrities, but also models, travel bloggers, and people from all walks of life have been seen posing online with their best "Barbie feet."